This year’s Massachusetts Women Entrepreneurship Day event will be a combination event featuring:

  • A short investor roundtable discussion on investing in women-founded companies
  • A series of pitches from women entrepreneurs (plus investor feedback)
  • Small group networking and breakout sessions

The event will be held online (via Zoom) on Friday, November 19, 2021 from 7:30 am to 9:00 am (bring your coffee and join us from your desk!) PLEASE RSVP HERE.

Every year for the past 8 years, Mass Innovation Nights has hosted a specific women founders event. Six years ago, it became a joint event with our sister company, Innovation Women. Last year we acquired Lioness Magazine for the Female Entrepreneur, adding another supporting group to the program. Last year (2020) we helped to support and promote the global Women’s Entrepreneurship Day events.



Description: Achieve more mobility, independence, pain management and quality of life with Mieron’s library of Virtual Reality NeuroTherapy (VRNT) exercises based in the principles of rehabilitation. MIERON targets mobility and rehabilitation goals, with modules covering PT & OT, Locomotive Training, Activity Based Training, Mental Wellness and Pain Management practices for all…

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Description: KeyCaliber's cybersecurity software technology modernizes how organizations identify their critical IT assets and manage their cyber risks. The traditional approach is a manual process of conducting interviews and questionnaires to produce a spreadsheet that is a subjective snapshot in time. With cloud migration and digital transformation, that approach cannot keep…

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Description: Before Gentreo, estate planning was the same it was as 100 years ago, just online. Gentreo changes the game with next generation estate planning. It’s the one place to affordably create, save, store and share all documents like wills, stories, memories and take action too.

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Description: Sit-a-Bit is helping parents and caregivers easily find, book, and manage live virtual activities for K-12. Through the Sit-a-Bit Marketplace, we make it simple to build a comprehensive care plan to augment traditional learning environments. Whether it be academic support, STEM, language learning, arts, music, or social and emotional development,…

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Description: LAMIK Beauty's Revelation Brow Duo is the perfect combination of brow powder and creme to sculpt, define and color brows. Choose from over 15 combinations for your perfect shade match. BENEFITS - Formulated with clean (non-toxic) ingredients - Made with jojoba oil that works as a conditioner to the brows…

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Description: Are you ready to explore the world and study abroad? Success starts with safety. To be your own safety advocate, you will need to identify vulnerabilities and focus on training. This process begins by integrating an approach to identify, address, and mitigate a spectrum of risks for international travel. This…

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Description: Our service answers the never-ending "What's for dinner?" question once and for all, in a fully personalized way, and connects customers directly to the best local food sources. Based on an extensive set of cooking habits, dietary restrictions and preferences defined by each user, our proprietary selection algorithm uses our…

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Description: Go Off! is a platform that allows creators to connect with their true fans through small authentic conversations (capped at 10) around content. In turn, we provide personalized content recommendations and key insights to keep propelling relevant content.

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Description: The Change Maker workshop is designed to take participants on a self-discovery journey that uncovers their values and what is important to them. It is completed in four workshop hours with a focus on creating a BE (bold/ energized) Change Project based on the participants values. The workshop guides individuals…

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Description: This project is called Hisgram ( It reinvents social media in the sense that it preserves credible, democratized, and knowledge-driven content (history). The founder, with more than ten years of research experience, identified shortcomings in the current ecosystem of information dissemination and consumption. The weaknesses are briefly explained as follows:…

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Description: IMMAD (Impairment Measurement Marijuana and Driving) is a company committed to the research and development of technology for the responsible use of marijuana. Unlike with alcohol, there is no breathalzyer to measure presence of marijuana, or a Walk and Turn/Touch Nose Field Sobriety Test to measure actual impairment to drive.…

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Lisa Frusztajer
The Capital Network

Lisa is a Boston-based investor, educator and coach who focuses on channeling capital to under-represented founders. Lisa is currently Investor in Residence at The Capital Network, a Boston-based non-profit that educates investors and entrepreneurs on how to drive more equitable allocation of investment dollars. She is a Venture Partner for…

Sam Mintz

Sam is a reporter for BostInno and the Boston Business Journal, covering startups, tech companies and innovation. A Massachusetts native, he reported on federal energy and transportation policy in Washington, D.C. for five years before returning to Boston in 2021.

Deb Kemper
Golden Seeds

Deb Kemper is a partner at Golden Seeds Ventures, focused on investing in early stage enterprise B2B and medtech companies. She formerly led the Boston Forum of Golden Seeds, a national angel investor group. Prior to joining Golden Seeds Ventures, she built a portfolio of over two dozen early stage…

marjorie radlo-zandi
Launchpad Venture Group

I’ve been a senior executive and leader in Silicon Valley and in the Boston biotech sector, where I developed a reputation for driving domestic and international organizational growth through innovation, global market expansion and building robust cross-cultural teams. I led a food diagnostics business to doing business in 100 countries…


Name Company Web Twitter
Kathy Parks @kjp684
Laurie Burlingame Goodwin Procter LLP
Joseph Corazzini Clark University
Amy Gerber Tel-Affinity Corp.
Jerri Lynn Hogg Art of Digital Living @@HoggJL
Petra Wintner Ready set dinner
Lisa Frusztajer The Capital Network
Barbara Finer FORGE @@forgemass
Laurie Burlingame Goodwin Procter LLP
Catherine F White Golden Seeds
Deb Kemper Golden Seeds Ventures @@deb_kemper
Jessica Maslin Mieron, Inc. @@mieronvr
Rochelle Cht 4star dance studio
Denise A. Valenti Denise A. Valenti DBA IMMAD, LLC @@ROADSIDE_IMMAD
Lynn Birch Skreens
Robert Rosenberg S M C
Mary Ann Perry Relatable Learning, Inc.
Rebecca Reynolds Moore InANutshell Consulting @@inanutshellceo
Lydia Swan Bools & Assoc
Sarah Ginand Strategic Marketing Consulting @@sarahginand2
Gretchen Wilson Capital Access for ALL
Beth waldman Vendori
John Houser Retired
Drew Gaffney Enduret Group
Kathy Parks Job Seeker @@kjp684
Marina Katayeva Levi Diagnostics, Inc.
Regena (Rosa Celeste) Ozeryansky Internal Peace Now www.InternalPeaceNow
Laura Foley Laura M. Foley Design @@LMFDesign
Vinit Nijhawan MassVentures @vinit44
Vidhu Nambiar Silly Dilly Organic Bakery
Chien-Chi C Huang Asian Women for Health @ @AWforHealth
Catrinel Hagivreta Medijobs
Carrie Pasquarello Global Secure Resources Inc. &. @@glosecresources
Lynne Becker Power of Patents @@powerofpatients
Natalie Breen Cummings Properties
Jerrold Shapiro Floelle Inc @none
Noreen Klinga Dassault Systemes @@norgal2
Regena (Rosa Celeste) Ozeryansky Internal Peace NOW @@YogiRealEstateReg
John Barrett Emmanuel Business Collaborative @@emmanuelbizcoll
Carleen Haylett Sit-a-Bit @@sitabit1
Denise A. Valenti Denise A. Valenti DBA IMMAD, LLC @@ROADSIDE_IMMAD
Danielle Orozco Cosio Lil\' Labmates @@lil_labmates
Danielle Orozco Cosio Lil\' Labmates @@lil_labmates
Jodie Wu OffGridBox, Inc @@OffGridBox
Carleen Haylett SIt-a-Bit @@sitabit1
Janey Bishoff Bishoff Communications LLC @@bishoffpr