Tweet about this product: As work, school, and home life models evolve so too must #employeebenefits supporting parents and caregivers. Find out how providing your employees access to Sit-a-Bit can reduce escalating costs from attrition and recruitment. @sitabit1

Sit-a-Bit is helping parents and caregivers easily find, book, and manage live virtual activities for K-12. Through the Sit-a-Bit Marketplace, we make it simple to build a comprehensive care plan to augment traditional learning environments. Whether it be academic support, STEM, language learning, arts, music, or social and emotional development, the Marketplace has it all in one spot. Sit-a-Bit Activity Partners include only best-in-class providers like Sylvan Learning, CodeWizardsHQ, and Spotlight Music and Theater, so parents can trust in the quality of content.

Sit-a-Bit works with corporations to provide access to the Marketplace as an extension of family and childcare benefit offerings. Together with our Activity Partners, we curate exclusive events, so employees are better able to balance work and childcare. As school, work, and home life models evolve, Sit-a-Bit and the Sit-a-Bit Marketplace strive to help families provide enriching activities for their children, and help corporations in supporting employees.