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Mass Innovation Nights #131: Social Impact at Jobcase

MIN #131 took place on Wednesday, February 13, 2020 and was a huge success! It was the second event hosted and sponsored by Jobcase, and we were so glad to be back! A variety of products with a social impact focus were featured. Some of the products that showcased included the sector’s only complete solution for measuring and optimizing corporate philanthropy, a charitable platform that makes giving back easy, and the first and only simplified and multi-language, global cancer non-profit.

Mass Innovation Nights #124 at Formlabs

MIN #124 took place on July 17th and was hosted by Formlabs and sponsored by SolidWorks and Dassault Systèmes. The event featured a variety of new, innovative products. Some of the products showcased included a mobile orthodontic office, magnetic coatings technology for plastic packaging, and indoor farming innovations. Our experts for the night were Dan Kirchgessner from Formlabs, Jillian Friot from SolidWorks, and Rain Wang from Skelmet. These three experts all had interesting stories and insights to share that were relevant to the entrepreneurial spirit of the event. Kirchgessner pointed out that, like many of the companies showcasing, Formlabs, too, began as a small startup. Its size and success today surely served as an inspiration to the companies showcasing.

Mass Innovation Nights #123 at IndusPAD

MIN #123 took place on June 12th and was hosted and sponsored by IndusPAD and Lawrence Partnership. The event featured a variety of apparel and advanced textile manufacturing products. Some of the products showcased included a line of cross-cultural fashion pieces, a solution for patients looking to manage their leg bags safely and discreetly, a line of modern, fashionable key wallets, and a collection of comfortable outerwear jackets.

Mass Innovation Nights #122 at Greater Grove Hall

MIN #122 took place on May 9th and was hosted and sponsored by Greater Grove Hall. The event featured a variety of new products from startups with African American and African founders making it our 3rd annual African American and African founders’ event with Greater Grove Hall! Some of the products showcased included a tool that automates your investing strategies based on real-world events in real time, an energy-efficient and globally scalable solution to problems unique to the indoor farming industry, and a tool that helps you find the perfect caregiver for your loved one. Our experts for the night were Ed Gaskin from Greater Grove Hall, Walter Calender from Practico Innovation, Winston Henderson from Sankofa Inc., Reginald Swift from Rubix LS, and Edward Dugger III from Reinventure Capital.