Tweet about this product: Don't call me. Don't text me. #BeamMe You and me on a map in realtime for 1 hr in 2 taps @beamwithme

Where are you!?
Beam is a simple, private, free app that lets two people share their current locations in real time for an hour. It’s like a Google map for two.
With Beam there are no surprises. It takes just two taps to put you and me on a map. The only person who sees you is the person you’ve Beamed. And, you must both agree to Beam before you can see each other. A Beam is time limited and set to one hour!
And that’s just the beginning. Think Beaming the 66 bus to know when it’s coming. Or an AirBnB host to set a meeting place. Or how about your Amazon package thats on its way! We see the possibilities as endless.
Our goal is to bring maps to life and to use maps as a means to communicate more effectively — Beam me!