The Zipboard is the first and only patented portable retractable whiteboard used primarily by coaches of all sports, although it has several other sports related applications including but not limited to Health care (as a communication tool), Education (as teaching aid) and several Business related applications.
The Zipboard comes in 8 different sport specific versions (Basketball, Sopccer, Men and Woman’s Lacrosse, Football, Hockey, Field Hockey, Baball)and also plain white for non sports related application. The Zipboard is a whiteboard that rolls up into a cylinder that can be worn on the hip or stowed away easily in a bag or pocket. Once extended the Zipboard becomes a rigid whiteboard. The Zipboard is equipped with an erasable marker and eraser that stores inside the unit.
The Zipboard is a more portable compact means of white boarding that assists the end user from carrying a bulky/cumbersome whiteboard.
Zipboard inc. is located in Tewkbsury Mass
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