Details: Music, dance, and friendship: @ChainVibe connects and amplifies the best things in life!

Vibechain is a peer-to-peer playlist making, music sharing platform that enables party organizers to bring the good vibes to their party. 

How does it work?

Imagine, you receive an invitation to the "Greatest Party!" To RSVP, you are requested to submit 3 songs you would like to dance to. You complete your request, a reply is sent to the host with your 3 song selections, which is added to the party playlist. The best part is yet to come. The day of the party, as you arrive, you are digitally checked in and receive a text message welcoming you to the party. As a result of your arrival, your 3 songs are queued in the party playlist.

A little later, you receieve a text message letting you know your first song is about to play. It is time to get ready to dance and bring the good vibes to the party. Your song plays and your good vibes wash over the party. 

During the party, guests will vote for their favorite VibeChainers. At the end of the night, the best VibeChainers closes the party. After an awesome party, the "Greatest Party's" VibeChain playlist, comprising all of the attendee's submitted songs, is shared with the host, you and all the guests who attended. 

Music, dance, and friends! VibeChain connects and amplifies the best things in life!