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Keel allows anyone to follow credible investment ideas from verified peer investors with proven track records. Keel’s listed investors (called Pros) are vetted and verified by Keel’s proprietary technology, which connects directly to Pros’ brokerage accounts. Keel then retrieves data, calculates return, and pushes each of Pros’ trades to subscribers through emails or texts. Subscribers receive trustworthy ideas sourced directly from Pros personal brokerage accounts.

By offering data to improve transparency, Keel is reinventing the traditional investment advisory model and helping people to make a better investment decision.

Join Keel to enjoy our free and premium features:
– Track Your Return (Free!)
Aggregate and track your 401K/IRA/brokerages/robo-advisors into one dashboard.

– Benchmark Your Return ( Free!)
Know how well your investments do by benchmarking the returns to indices and peers.

– Improve Your Return ( Monthly Subscription!)
Follow leading investors verified by Keel and receive their trade notifications and analyses whenever they buy or sell.