• APURE Air Care Fan
• Bladeless Air Purifier and Fan
• Comparison between APURE air care fan with traditional electrical fan
1. The traditional air fan adopts the blades to “cut the wind”, which may hurt children’s fingers, there is always potential danger. APURE air care fan adopts bladeless impeller rotation, which is much safer.
2. With the traditional air fan people will feel impact sensation and irritation, the wind power is not stable, makes people feel uncomfortable, may cause air fan illness. APURE air care fan has the multiplier technology with the optimized treatment, the blowing wind is 100% natural, and people will not feel the impact sensation, in the other words, people will feel comfortable, stable, smooth and healthy. The effect is much better especially for the elderly, children, and pregnant women.
3. The structure of the traditional fan is very inconvenient to clean, it takes a lot time to dismantle, clean, reassemble, check, etc. APURE air care fan does not need to dismantle to clean, just use a cotton cloth to wipe for few seconds, it saves time, less work and more convenient.
4. The traditional fan adopts common carbon brush motor, during the function the carbon brush will suffer wastage, and the shelf life is short; easy to break down, noisy, damage and high consumption of energy. APURE air care fan adopts bladeless impeller energy saver motor, the power is only 45W, the shelf life is more than 35000 hours, there is no damage due to carbon brush accessories, low noise, less break down, long shelf life and much more.
• • APURE air care fan products’ function and its characteristics
1. APURE air care fan bladeless impeller system: bladeless impeller
Blowing winds way: eddy fan + blowing winds system composed with brushless DC motor.
Rotation head blowing winds: A) left-right rotation head: automatic left-right rotation, switch control button, single phase asynchronous motor.
Bilateral rotation head rod 90°, B) pitch angle: manually pitch angle 10°.
2. APURE air care fan remote control function: infrared remote control.
3. APURE air care fan timer function: through the MCN program MCN achieves the timer function, 3 speeds timer.
4. APURE air care fan LED lamp: colorful LED light with 256 colors change gradually, During the colors changing you can choose your favorite color as you wish.
5. APURE air care fan negative ion generator: unique function of high density of negative ion, instantaneous release of 10 million/cm3 negative ion as the forest, it can effectively and quickly clean the dust floating in the air, makes the air cleaner; at the same time creates plenty of active oxygen species, and increases 20% of absorptive oxygen, environment health visible!
6. APURE air care fan photocatalyst: Under the UV excitation the unique photocatalyst technology will produce strong oxidation of active oxygen species and hydroxyl radicals on the surface, when the airstream passes through the photocatalyst strainer, the strainer surface with active oxygen species and hydroxyl radicals will seize formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful electronic substances, and then decomposes the harmful electronic substances to purify the air, harmful substances decomposition and sterilization effects.
7. APURE air care fan electronic nose (air quality status detector): The indicator light will show 3 different colors red, yellow and green according to the air quality status, which represents poor, good and excellent air quality respectively.
• • 7 features of APURE air care fan
1. APURE air care fan: breakthrough bladeless design, milestone of air fan market.
2. APURE air care fan: with 1/2 of energy consumption saving from the traditional air fan.
3. APURE air care fan: bladeless, easy to clean and difficult to be contaminated by dust.
4. APURE air care fan: parallel wind, the wind is suppler, blows natural wind, blows healthy wind.
5. APURE air care fan: arbitrarily touch, it is safe.
6. APURE air care fan: with LED light for your free choice, warm environment for your house.
7. APURE air care fan: air purifier function to bring you always fresh air; let you experience the natural, fresh air in the house.