Thanks to our friends at Autodesk for hosting our June event!  What a terrific team and a fantastic location, conveniently located along 128/95.  They also provided yummies to keep tummies from grumbling!  Nicely done!  Hope to see you all again real soon.

Our community had a great time checking out all the cool new products…and Autodesk's nifty lobby showcasing many of their products.  I loved the airport design and the model city.

Our American Airlines Business Extra points winners were:

PowerHydrant (2000)
TicketZen (2000)
GearCommons (2000)

And the grand prize (5000 points) went to WellaPets.

We did a nice job of generating lots of social media buzz too!  Check out the tweets! You can view the presentations from the evening, including the Autodesk and Babson folks too on our YouTube channel.  Our favorite technical writer, Janet Egan, already posted her story. Hacking Pediatric posted a story about Wellapet. Oktopus took home some souveniers. Share your story and we'll link to you too!