Thanks to VMware for hosting Mass Innovation Nights 44 (#MIN44) at their fun space in Kendall Square, and putting out such a nice spread, and validating parking, etc.!  (You know they are hiring, right?)
We had another terrific evening of supporting local innovation, fantastic presentations and networking.  Some of the product companies (like Jibunu, Hailo and Justellus) got in on the act early, connecting to the MIN site before the event.  We’ll be linking to the blog posts, videos and, of course, the Tweets our friends generated as they support local companies launching new products. It’s also interesting to see where our content ends up — like on Loku. Or Frrole. Or Slideshare.
Our favorite tech writer blogger Janet Egan covered the evening like nobody’s business, making the rounds of all the tables, the experts, and catching our big news.  (If you weren’t able to attend, we’ll be officially posting the news soon.  It pays to come to MIN in-person.) Hailo said thank you in a blog post. And Osmium also covered the event in their blog.
More later! 
P.S. YOU are awesome!  Keep supporting local innovation!