MIN #125 took place on August 13th at District Hall sponsored by Boston Scientific. The event featured ten innovative products addressing medical and tech solutions for aging in place, pediatrics, and the disabled population. Some of the products showcased included a smart companion robot for people with mobility challenges, a smartwatch that uses sonar echolocation and a GPS navigation app to provide its visually impaired users with a safe and smooth navigation experience, an Internet-based care coaching platform to provide 24×7 psychological and healthcare support for high-risk older adults, and a mouth-operated input device that connects to computers and mobile devices to give people with disabilities greater opportunities to live more inclusive, independent lives. Our experts for the night were Ron Lancaster, Paul Underwood, Leigh Wynne, and Sandra Nagale all from Boston Scientific. These four experts all shared stories and insights about their time and work at Boston Scientific that proved interesting and relevant to the focus and spirit of the event.


Our presenters for the night were:


Invu by Nuvo


Sunu Band



Our audience choice winners for the night were:

Reveal− Grand Prize





Thank you, Boston Scientific for your sponsorship!