Our first Mass Innovation Nights event of 2013 was pretty darned awesome and also the third anniversary of the first nomadic Mass Innovation Nights.  The first year of our monthly product launch parties had all been at the Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation and in January of 2010, we “roamed” out to the IBM Innovation Center.  It started something. We now roam pretty much all the time.  (Our schedule for 2013 makes us look like a ping pong ball!  Fun stuff.)
Thanks to the IBM Innovation Center team who always make us feel so welcome.  And, a shout out to new IBM employee/entrepreneur liaison Phyllis.  Who knew that when she started coming to Mass Innovation Nights events there that she’d end up working there?  Good stuff! And, of course to our newest sponsor ProfitBricks and the returning sponsors, Cambridge Trust Company and Constant Contact. 
Also a shoutout to our shoutout “machine” SnapHop which allows us to easily create those nifty mobile pages and the QR codes that allow our guests to help spread the word about local innovation. (SnapHop also provides mobile recruiting solutions through RecruitingHop.)  We also have to to say a big thank you to GaggleAMP and our Gaggle of friends who help spread the word leading up to each event.  A (VERY) conservative estimate puts the value of our 2012 social media amplifaction at more than $30,000.)  Our Gaggle was busy last year! (You can be part of our Gaggle too — sign up here!
Thanks also to Social Capital  Woburn who were one of the blogs that helped promote the event! 
Also a round of applause for our guests who made it their jobs to help “amplify” the stories of our new product launches at the event too.  Nice job!  We’ll be looking for your tweets, blogs, pictures, videos and more.  We’ll be connecting this blog to the output so stay tuned.  And, even if you aren’t a social media maven, you can help spread the word by just telling someone about the cool companies you saw at Mass Innovation Nights #46.
Linda from Strategy Design must have been burning the late night oil and hit the streets with the first post.  Prompt Communications lived up to their name with one of the first blog posts too.  Official MIN-best friend blogger (and photographer extraordinaire) Tech Writer Janet visited everyone for her blog post.  (Psst, Janet, you missed it.  I did use the megaMIN-phone’s emergency siren function to signal the end of the night and send everyone off to the after-party.)  The viaNetwork created a little behind the scenes video. 
For you marketing metrics geeks — check out the MIN46 data from Klurig!  A nice overview of the event from Mobinett.  Their Bandwagon product walked off with the top honors in the event competition for the American Airlines Business ExtrAA points!  (Every month this year, we’re giving away four sets of points that can be converted into air travel and other rewards — vote for your favorite products at each event! Help them take their business to the next level.)
The American Airlines Business ExtrAA winners of MIN46:

Mobinett’s Bandwagon (5000 points)
Cleverhood (2000 points)
Amico (2000 points)
Klurig (2000 points)

Here’s the “official” Mass Innovation Nights #46 Story.  Did we “quote” you?  Check out our YouTube Channel for videos from the presenters and some bonus footage.  (Don’t make me go get the bullhorn…)
Just two weeks (January 23) to Crowdfunding Innovation 2 and coming up February 13…another favorite — Foodie Mass Innovation Nights!