Last week’s Innovation Nights Space interview was with Rochelle Nemrow, founder and former CEO of FamilyID. You can listen to it here.

When we last checked, admittedly it’s been a few years, more than 40 Mass Innovation Nights companies have had exits, being purchased or merging with another company. (Note to self – good intern project for the summer.) Last year, one of our MIN28 alumni, FamilyID, joined that group. The company, an online registration platform for sports, programs and activities, was acquired by ArbiterSports in February 2020, joining ArbiterSport’s family of tools for athletic directors.

Rochelle Nemrow was the founder and CEO of FamilyID and joined Arbiter to help transition the company and is now working with a number of area startups as an advisor.

FamilyID Dog
Whiskey, The FamilyID Chief Happiness Officer

Our team (Carlton PR & Marketing, Innovation Nights and Innovation Women) shared an office with FamilyID, first at Constant Contact’s Innoloft and then at our Lexington address. We finally both got too big to comfortably share in the summer of 2019. Our team moved to a separate office just upstairs. The shared office meant we got a front row seat to FamilyID’s growth as well as an opportunity to pet the office dog – an important part of the company culture.

In this discussion with Nemrow, we talked about identifying unique value propositions and building company cultures.