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Elizabeth (Beth) Williams President & CEO, Roxbury Technology Corporation Beth Williams is the President and CEO of Roxbury Technology LLC (RTC), a Boston based distributor of re-manufacturered toner and ink cartridges and an authorized distributor of LED lighting products. Additionally, Beth has begun a small advisory and consulting practice to assist small and start-up businesses with advisory services and short term financing. After graduating from Brown University, Beth began her career working as a Production Control Manager in one of her father’s earlier companies, Freedom Electronics. After 3 years of training and guidance from her father, she decided to expand her practical knowledge and experience inside a major corporation. Beth joined Raytheon Company’s Missile Systems division as a sub‐contract administrator and small minority business liaison officer. After 5 years at Raytheon and a desire to move into a more impactful role serving as a conduit for women and minority entrepreneurs, she left Raytheon to join Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts procurement team and soon thereafter became the Director of Business Diversity. Then, upon her father’s sudden death in 2002, Beth left Blue Cross Blue Shield to succeed her father as President and CEO of his 8 year old distribution business, Roxbury Technology Corporation. In 2004 Beth opened Roxbury Technology’s remanufacturing plant, just 18 months after taking over the helm of RTC and fulfilled her Father’s vision of turning his distribution business into a real manufacturing business in the inner city of Boston. Opening the factory in August of 2004 with 15 employees to peaking in 2009 with 65 employees and $16m in revenue. RTC averaged annual sales of $10m positioning it as one of, if not the largest black owned manufacturing business in New England. More importantly however, is Beth’s commitment to being a socially responsible entrepreneur. She is driven by her social mission and that is to provide good, wage earning jobs to people who are far too often left out of the system. She is strongly committed to providing second chances to not only her products, but to people as well. She has been a longtime supporter of CORI reform and more than 20 percent of her work force are ex-offenders, ex-gang members, etc.. Her belief is that “desperate people do desperate things and we all deserve a second chance and unless given an opportunity to change, we only perpetuate a cycle of dysfunction and ultimately cost us all. We either pay them or pay for them”. Being driven by that philosophy, in her role as President & CEO, Beth served as the catalyst to RTC’s successful transformation from being solely a distributor of toner cartridges to becoming a manufacturer of toner and ink cartridges, resulting in strong revenue growth and profit portfolios. RTC was a strategic diversity partner of Staples, Inc. for 16 years, yet due to a negligent accident (Factory Roof collapsed) on March 4, 2015, Roxbury is no longer manufacturing but still selling ink and toner as a distributor; While also becoming a distributor of commercial and industrial LED lighting and sustainable energy. RTC has recently become an authorized distributor and energy solutions partner of Philips lighting, a new and exciting phase of RTC’s business transformation. Among Beth’s many achievements and awards, some highlights include being awarded ICIC and Inc magazines fastest growing inner city business 3 years in a row (2004-2007) and becoming an ICIC Hall of Fame business. Additionally, Beth was awarded one of the 50 fastest growing women businesses by American Express and WPO in 2010. In 2011, WBENC’s shining star award; one of the largest and most recognized women business award nationally. The President’s award from GNEMSDC ; a significant regional minority business award. The Presidents and community leadership award from The Eastern Ma Urban League, and finally in 2012 the Ernst & Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year for New England.; a prestigious Global business award recognizing her social responsibility. She served on several business and community boards, including AIM (associated industry of MA). Was appointed by Governor Patrick to the RCC (Roxbury Community College) board. The NFTE (National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship). The Zoo N.E., Board. The Commonwealth Institute, and CWE (The center for women and enterprise) Boards. She was appointed to Mayor Marty Walsh’s Economic Development Transition Team as Co-Chair as well as being appointed by the Mayor to the Women’s Workforce Initiative. She was also appointed to the U.S. Manufacturing council in Washington, DC under Secretary of Commerce Madam Pritker from 2012-2014. She currently serves on the small business development committee for the City of Boston and has been nominated by Governor Baker to the Workforce Development Board. Yet her greatest pride and accomplishment is her son who’s academic and business accomplishments far surpass any job, award or recognition she could ever receive.