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Mass Innovation Nights 116

Mass Innovation Nights is coming to Lincoln MA for the first time ever! RW Holmes is sponsoring #MIN116 at Lincoln North. You will not want to miss checking out this great location and the ten innovative products that will be showcased on TUESDAY November 13th at 6pm

  • Check out the new PRODUCTS and
  • VOTE for your favorites - click on the words VOTE HERE (found on this page to the immediate left) and once on the product voting page, click LOVE IT to vote for your favorite product!     
  • RSVP to attend the event on TUESDAY, November 13th (free to attend and open to all)    
  • See who else is planning on attending (click the ATTENDEES tab)   
  • Help spread the word - blog, tweet (using the #MIN116 hashtag), like and post!  
  • Support local innovation -- network and have fun at the same time! 

Don't miss it -- Tuesday, November 13th 6pm-8:30pm for Mass Innovation Nights #116!  


Kinima: Motion Captured
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Kinima uses point cloud mapping sensor technology to track the human body in motion. Kinima’s movement science tracks the body's balance...

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Dean Blackey
RW Holmes Commercial Realty

Dean has been a commercial real estate broker with R.W. Holmes since 1999, and his expertise encompasses all areas of real estate activity,...

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Mike Ogasapian
RW Holmes Commercial Realty

Mike came to R.W. Holmes in 2014 following a career in residential real estate brokerage in downtown Boston. Handling leasing and tenant search...

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Elizabeth Holmes
RW Holmes Commercial Realty

Elizabeth Holmes is the third generation of the Holmes family to work at R.W. Holmes Realty. As Director of Corporate Services, Elizabeth works...

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John Frank Weaver
McLane Middleton

John Frank Weaver is an attorney with McLane Middleton. He has a diverse practice that focuses on real estate, data security, and emerging...

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David Malizia Advoqt Technology Group Link @dmalizia
David Malizia Advoqt Technology Group Link @dmalizia
David Malizia Advoqt Technology Group Link @dmalizia
David Malizia Advoqt Technology Group Link @dmalizia
David Malizia Advoqt Technology Group Link @dmalizia
David Malizia Advoqt Technology Group Link @dmalizia
David Malizia Advoqt Technology Group Link @dmalizia
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Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - 6:00pm