Learn about what’s happening in Lowell

Lowell, Mass. is a vibrant and growing community, with a GREAT innovation scene! It’s worth a trip just to connect with the Merrimack Valley Sandbox – but that’s definitely not all that’s happening in this up-and-coming city.  It’s got arts, food, tech, and plenty of entrepreneurs and early adopters to spice up our monthly MIN event.

Meet new people in the community

At Mass Innovation Nights,  you’ll find all kinds of interesting people: entrepreneurs, small business owners, early adopters – and, of course, social media stars! Are you looking for a job, or looking to hire?  Do you want to network with the movers and shakers in the entrepreneurship community? You don’t want to miss this event!

10 cool products from local companies

This month’s #MIN61 has got something for everyone – and they’re all local (as always)! We’re showcasing a way to easily get cooking with charcoal, a way to gamify your marketing, a group of fairies to help your kids, a better business card, personalized pocket knives, a game about nightmares, customized marketing services, the gift of song, a new fashion collection, and a crowdfunded glassblowing studio. Come out and see what they’re all about!

Your chance to be a social media star

MIN is a great place to stretch your social media skills by tweeting and posting about our new products! Use the #MIN61 hashtag to be a part of the buzz and bustle that’s essential to launching innovative ideas each month.  Build momentum for your entrepreneurial community and enjoy getting retweets and favorites from your friends and followers! 

There will be CAKE!

It’s our 5th anniversary, and we want you to celebrate with us! We love all our MIN friends – YOU are the ones that make our events shine and show off our new products. Come out and get a piece of cake to celebrate five years of local innovation!