If there’s one thing all innovators instinctively know, it is how to make use of any offered aid and assistance.  Sometimes, that aid comes in the form of young, energetic types.  Students are looking for experience to round out their resumes and entrepreneurs could certainly use an extra pair of hands around the office — even if it is a virtual office.  The most precious commodity for most people these days is time and if a young person can buy you some time, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that offer?
Startup Summer is part of StartUp MA, itself a part of the nationwide Startup America project.  It’s an internship program that attracts the best students from top universities to work at a startup companies while they are learning critical skills and building relationships that will support their entrepreneurial careers.

Startup Summer students will work full-time in Boston, MA for three months. (You will need to pay them.)  They will get the opportunity to interact directly with company founders and attend events hosted by Startup Summer where they can meet other student entrepreneurs. 
If you are looking for interns this summer, check out the information on the website and submit an application.