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STEAM Presentations & Workshops - STEAMulating Young Minds™

Hands-on STEM Day activity

STEAM Presentations & Workshops - STEAMulating Young Minds™

Kituuma & Co.

Kituuma & Co. has a unique approach called STEAM+E: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics AND Entrepreneurship.

Their approach helps you to provide hands-on activities and training for youth that underscores the individual importance of each facet as well as the interdisciplinary nature of each subject. Furthermore, they promote an entrepreneurial mindset as well as exposure to entrepreneurs in these fields. These experiences are inspiring, engaging and empowering.

Kituuma & Co. provides an array of services tailored to your desired programming, including project management services and oversight that produces quantifiable outcomes. Their goal is to help their clients establish, implement, and execute a strategy for their vision, from start to finish or anywhere in between.