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Reveal Pharmaceuticals

Reveal aims to improve safety and deepen insight in medical imaging. Its platform technology addresses the need for safer (gadolinium-free) general purpose MRI contrast agents and will form the cornerstone for precision imaging, the gateway to personalized medicine.

Reveal's patented contrast agent is designed as a direct substitute for current MRI contrast agents, all of which cause accumulation of the toxic heavy metal gadolinium in the brain and body of all patients. People most at risk include children, people with kidney disease, and people who need repeated contrast-enhanced MRIs for screening, surveillance, and treatment e.g. women at high risk of breast cancer; cancer patients and survivors; people with multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, etc. Regulators worldwide have restricted and suspended gadolinium-based MRI contrast agents but there are no alternatives.

Reveal's MRI contrast agent is based on the essential element manganese, and produces equivalent images to current contrast agents for the same clinical indications using established radiology protocols. Its lead agent has the potential to be used for all current contrast-enhanced MRI applications, and will provide a platform for precision imaging of fibrosis, thrombus, and more.