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The NOUFLEX System

The NOUFLEX System


After over a decade of working as a personal trainer, I discovered that many clients wanted a fitness tool that was easy to use, safe and effective. They inspired me to create NOUFLEX, a complete fitness system. With the capacity to perform over 200 exercises, NOUFLEX can be used for:

Strength Training
Flexibility Training
Functional Training
Cardiovascular Training
Corrective Exercises
Therapeutic Exercises
Core Training
Low-Impact Exercises

NOUFLEX is designed to minimize the risk of injury while exercising. Ten shock-absorbent feet support the baseboard. Made of Sorbothane®—a material used by NASA to protect shuttle cameras from violent forces—these feet reduce the impact of the user’s body weight by half.

Made of solid wood and only 5/8 of an inch thick, the
 baseboard is durable but lightweight, making it easily portable. The baseboard is accompanied by a collection of accessories that are designed to bring unrivaled variety and comfort to your workout.

Featured among these accessories are three types of resistance bands—handle bands, ankle bands, and rehab bands—at four different intensity levels. When used with the baseboard, these resistance bands minimize the risk of injury while ensuring optimal results.