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Natural Food Exchange

Natural Food Exchange

Natural Food Exchange

Welcome To The New Natural Food Exchange

From our point of view, a store that identifies itself as “Healthy” or “Natural” shouldn’t be selling products with hidden GMOs. At the Natural Food Exchange, we decided that we only wanted to sell products that truly nourish the health and wellness of our customers and community. We then came to the decision to remove any and all products that potentially contained GMOs from our shelves.  

In 2014 our staff rolled up their sleeves and undertook the huge task of calling every manufacturer of every product in every department of our store to determine if there was a risk of GMOs being introduced into the formulations. Most often it took several calls to a company, to be sure we were talking to someone who had the technical expertise to answer the question. It took us a year. We learned the questions to ask, and going forward, we will be passionate gate-keepers for our customers and be a thoroughly trusted source for products that are 100% Non-GMO.

At the same time, we felt it was vital to support local farmers and sustainable agriculture. We searched all over Massachusetts and New England for local farmers who raised outstanding pastured animals with love and care, and who did not feed them genetically modified grain in the winter when grass was not available. We now have meat from two wonderful local farms, dairy from several others, and local pasture-raised eggs when available. 

Inspired by our newfound mission, and yet frustrated by the lack of healthy non-GMO take-out lunches available when we were hungry, we added a Grab-and-Go cooler and partnered with local fresh-pressed juice companies, and personally worked with a local baker and chef to create sandwiches, salads, soups and snacks from completely non-genetically modified ingredients. We are continuing to expand our selection of fresh, delicious and prepared meals and are looking forward to collaborating with more local artisan chefs that share our mission.

When we put all these fabulous new offerings together, we decided to remodel in March and present a 100% non-GMO shopping experience to our customers in a beautiful, new space.  

We’re done, and we invite you in. We hope our vision is your vision.