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Kyu By Kesi

Kyu By Kesi

Kyu By Kesi

We are putting humanity back into fashion. Kyu By Kesi is a human-centered high-fashion and lifestyle brand, dedicated to creating a new, ethical, age of luxury.

* Truly artisanal excellence
* Inspired by a melting pot of cultures & traditions
* Rooted in art with a near audible design perspective

We believe in High Fashion with a Human Touch
Fashion with a Human Touch is not just a tag line. It is a call to action and a mission that is inspired by Kesi's Jamaican heritage, and her deep rooted belief that fashion should support, not harm, everyone along the value and production chain; that it should elevate entrepreneurs the world over, and that it can make a positive dent in the universe.

By curating raw materials from countries as diverse as Uzbekistan to Senegal and India to Colombia, Kyu By Kesi supports local communities in a tangible ways. Kesi champions and celebrates local artists and artisans, and contribute to the advancement of their economic aspirations beyond local street corners. She meets the artisan where they are. She preserves the culture and traditions of each country. She encourages the artist and artisan to express what they love something that is rooted in, and critical to, their communities.

The multi-functional bags, clutches and other fashionable accessories are presented across several collections. The structure, trimmings, lining and construction of each product reflects the brand’s commitment to delivering luxury that is affordable, fresh and functional. Our products are hand-crafted from premium raw materials including hidden gems from around the world.

We are setting a new pace with luxury that emphasizes social responsibility and celebrates global artistic expression.

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