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Intellinetix Step Sensor

Intellinetix Step Sensor


Has peripheral neuropathy made walking difficult?

Are you able to stand without assistance but frustrated by the pace of your walk?

Do you find yourself looking down with each step and simply wishing for a way to regain confidence in your walk?

Look no further than the Intellinetix Step Sensor by Brownmed.

Designed specifically for people with peripheral neuropathy and other forms of nerve impairment, the Step Sensor fits discreetly inside your athletic or dress shoe. Depending on the severity of your condition, it can even be worn with an AFO if necessary.

The Step Sensor works by providing a gentle vibration just below the knee when your heel hits the ground, encouraging you to lift your foot and instantly making for a smoother, less awkward gait.

Each vibration lasts for just 1.5 seconds, ensuring the Step Sensor is working with each step you take and always ready to move with you.

Using the Step Sensor reduces the necessary length each nerve impulse must travel by approximately 33% - benefitting you whether your nerve impairment is the result of multiple sclerosis, diabetes, stroke, advanced age or other conditions.

Among initial users, the Step Sensor increased participants’ pace of walking and helped improve balance. What’s more, Step Sensor is NOT a TENS unit and works without sending any electronic signals through your body. That means it doesn't interfere with pacemakers, so it can be used by just about anyone.

Visit for a quick product demonstration and regain confidence in your walk with the Intellinetix Step Sensor by Brownmed.