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Inigo - A Better Business Card

Inigo - A Better Business Card

Inigo, LLC

Paper Business cards have existed for entirely too long and there has yet to be a successful solution to replace them on a smartphone, until now.  Inigo is an interactive business card that does not coexist with paper, rather completely replaces it.  This free app allows users to create Web 2.0 looking cards with infinite scroll, linking new acquaintances to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, websites, resumes, videos, or anything the user can find online.  Better yet, Inigo never requires the people you meet to download a thing.  The cards you send are web based URL's and can be opened from anywhere.

Inigo lets you:

·  Create and edit multiple cards for hobbies or jobs

·  Send cards to anyone even if they don't have the app

·  Allows you to send cards through email, sms, twitter or any shareable

·  Add any link online to your multiple cards

·  Track and record how many cards you send, and how many are viewed

Inigo is currently available in the Google Play store for free and is coming to iPhone this Spring.  Inigo will also be releasing "Desktop Analytics" which will allow businesses to create teams and track the progress of their team through their computer or tablet. 

This is the future of business cards designed for the new web, one where smartphones coexist with networking and businesses find value in never having to order paper stock again.  Inigo differs from competitors in that once the cards are created, new acquaintances do not need to download or know about Inigo.  It is one way, just like business cards and it allows users to control how the second introduction are made.