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GreenChoice (mobile app) | Live your values

GreenChoice (mobile app) | Live your values

GreenChoice, PBC

The GreenChoice platform empowers consumers to purchase groceries that align with their values and rewards healthy, ethical, and sustainable food choices. GreenChoice connects consumers with products, brands, and retailers that share their values - creating an empowered, personalized, and incentivized omnichannel shopping experience, which gives brands and retailers customer engagement opportunities and data unheard of in traditional retail channels.

Our proprietary GreenScore® System uses data mining, natural language processing, and machine learning to aggregate and synthesize disparate research and data on the food industry, producers and ingredients. Every food and beverage product receives a GreenScore® (0-100) based on seven categories of health, ethics, and sustainability.

Users can quickly find products that match their values and earn points with each product they purchase. The better the product’s GreenScore® the more points they earn; points are redeemable for cashback, special deals, and prizes.

GreenChoice makes conscious grocery shopping easy, fun and more affordable!