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Girls Chronically Rock

Trust Your Abilities

Girls Chronically Rock


Girls Chronically Rock LLC was inspired by Keisha Greaves from Cambridge, MA. Keisha always had a passion for Fashion and knew one day she would own her own business. Keisha was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy in 2011 while pursuing her MBA degree in graduate school. Keisha started to feel strange symptoms in her legs and upper body. She repeatedly fell and could not raise her arm up to the full extent. She knew something was not right. After many different tests, the Doctor finally diagnosed her with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy. Fast forward. A few years later, Keisha began to better cope with her diagnosis. She knew she wouldn’t let this stop her pursuing her dreams. Keisha wanted to create an apparel line something that incorporated the word “chronic” in it. Chronic for Chronic Illness. Girls Chronically Rock came to mind and she loved it and knew she wanted that to be her business name. She wanted to create something to inspire and motivate others battling a chronic illness or going through something in their everyday life. She created a line of inspirational shirts that have many quotes/meanings. The top two are: “Trust Your Dopeness” which means trust and believe in yourself, no matter what you maybe going through, and "Hello, my name is Chronically Ill Badass” which means we are awesome, regardless if we have a chronic illness or not.

Keisha plans to expand her Girls Chronically Rock brand with more merchandise soon, including bags, socks, sweatshirts and more. Keisha has also been thinking about creating a Girls Chronically Rock adaptive clothing line for people with disabilities since it is very hard for people with disabilities to get dressed on a regular basis. Keisha continues to have so many ideas she wants to do with Girls Chronically Rock business. She wants even bigger and better things under the GCR umbrella.