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DSP Wireless Inc. - DSPW


DSP Wireless Inc. - DSPW

DSP Wireless, Inc. - DSPW

DSPW's latest product is the RCB-W24A-RHD32 WiFi recording system for electrophysiology research labs.

The RCB-W24A-32 combines continuous streaming WiFi data telemetry with 32 channels of bioelectric signal acquisition in one battery powered module. Aimed at large rodent (rat) and small NHP (marmoset) research studies.

Applications include sensing and acquisition of bioelectric signals such as EMG, ECG/EKG, ECoG, EEG, neural action potentials and local field potentials in a research setting. Includes free GUI for configuration and waveform display / recording.

Currently taking pre-orders. Shipping summer 2019.