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On the Dot Books

On the Dot Books

Dot2Dot Cafe

On the Dot Books is a bookstore in Dorchester, MA. We offer a full selection of fiction, nonfiction, and children's books, and a curated selection of foreign language books, gifts, stationery, and toys. We support local authors and have a special interest in writers of color...standard bookstore stuff. However, we have ambitions beyond brick & mortar retail. We are using the arts to connect people all over the world.

At #MIN67, we 'd like to introduce the world to Passepartout. It is an airport-to-airport, train station-to-train station rental service for books, magazines, games, and toys - operated by local independent bookstores.

Passepartout is for
- the executive who wants to impress their international clients with their local knowledge
- parents who are stumped as to how to entertain their children for hours on end
- voracious readers who can't buy every book they're interested in
- people who like real, tangible things, but want to travel light
- people who want to support local businesses