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In the current social era we have a lot of contacts, but we don't realize the power of our network and the opportunities that are available.

For example, the most popular situation after each event – you have a stack of business cards and one question: Who are these people?

We put the cards in a drawer, or throw them away. We often don't build relationships with people because it's difficult to stay connected with all of them. As a result of this, we miss out on valuable opportunities to strengthen relationships within our own networks.

Connections helps you to build effective and reliable relationships with the most important people and allows you to:
- Scan a business card to create a contact automatically.
- Exchange electronic business cards.
- Take notes about details of any important conversation.
- Utilize this information to make calls, and send Emails all through the same App.
- Find relevant people who can help you with your specific question.

We are grateful to receive any feedback about our app. If you have any thoughts, please, write us:
[email protected]

Enjoy using!