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B.A.D Performance Mats & Method

Plank's B.A.D mats to make hands, feet and minds stronger

B.A.D Performance Mats & Method

Plank Designs, LLC

It’s all about maximum performance, rapid recovery, pain management and getting back in the game...

Plank’s tech-infused, heat activated performance mats and method cracks the learning curve to produce ridiculously, accelerated results.

All age groups, levels, and abilities experience mind blowing & life altering result in the following areas:

1. Powerful athletic performance and rehabilitation
2. Post Trauma targeted life skills rehabilitation
3. Pain relief.

 We simplify complex biomechanical and neurological systems for users/enthusiasts to viscerally experience profound lightness, dynamic protection, explosive power and endurance...

 We activate your Anatomical Intelligence™ using Deep Learning for Humans to extend what you experience on our mats & in our workshops, into a 24/7 transformational learning opportunity.

Vote Here (MIN #117 Hyperlink) if you are curious to learn how to start your AI™ now and experience how profound levity creates radical joint protection and power, on demand 24/7...