Tweet about this product: #MIN101 @WatchRx makes super-simple watch w/ Med Reminders, phone & GPS for aging parents and caregivers

WatchRx uses a smartwatch to help elderly take their meds on time and live independently in their homes as long as possible. The WatchRx solution is designed for patients with usability challenges taking multiple medications, many of whom have chronic conditions, low vision and cognitive limitations. The solution provides trio feedback (audio/visual/haptic) reminder mechanism including name, dosage and an image of the medication on the watch along with voice instructions and alerts their caregivers via our mobile app upon any missed medications. The watch has built-in phone to support outgoing emergency calls and incoming calls from caregivers. It has GPS for live GPS tracking and alerts caregivers in case seniors wander away outside their homes. The solution also has caregiver app that gets the real-time status of their parents and alerts for missed medication, emergency or GPS if the elders wander away from home. For more details see