Details: The Cheap and Simple non-invasive whole building water usage Smart Sensor a monkey could install. @VataVerks

Vata Verks has developed a cheap and simple non-invasive water usage Smart Sensor for buildings which leverages the fluctuating magnetic fields inside a building’s utility meters.
The sensor installs without skill, tools or plumbers and without cutting pipes or dripping a drop. Simply straps on.

The Smart Sensor produces a high-resolution data stream which customers will leverage to detect anomalies and leaks, track costs, analyze and optimize building performance, support investments in efficiency, and which can be synchronized with other building data such as electricity, occupancy and climate.

At 1/3 – 1/6th the cost, no competitor matches Vata Verks’ combination of high data resolution, non-invasive plumber-less simplicity of installation, customer data control, compatibility with commercial monitoring infrastructure, and meter compatibility.