Details: Enjoy freedom from baggage carousels! Let @TravelTagBlue announce your bags as they arrive on the carousel

No matter which airline you fly, no matter which class of travel and no matter what your final destination, as a passenger traveling with a checked-in bag you spend an average of 18 minutes at the baggage carousel waiting for your bag to arrive. That’s a total of 16+ billion minutes worldwide that we spend waiting on our bags. It’s a necessary evil. Imagine the frustration, angst and the anxiety of “not knowing” that you’re going through during that time.
What if there was a better way? What if there was a way to get notified when your bags arrived so you could look after your kids, talk to a loved one or finish up a business conversation instead of worrying about when your bags arrived on the carousel.
TravelTag, our baggage tracking App for iOS and Android, gives you freedom from baggage carousels! It announces your checked-in bags as they arrive on the luggage belt! No more pushing and shoving with others and engaging in cart-wars! No more asking “Is that my bag?” as it arrives on the carousel.
The Smartphone App uses visual, audible and tactile notifications to alert you as soon as your bag arrives on the carousel. So, you just pick up and go!