Details: A personal mass transit system that has a shot at replacing cars, buses, trains, and trucks at @TransitXCorp

Transit X™ is a new mass transit system that is 2 to 10 times faster than buses, trains, and cars. Transit X provides a mobility solution that is convenient, dependable, affordable, and environmentally sustainable.
In cities around the world, current transportation is in sad shape: commutes are long and stressful, infrastructure is costly to build and maintain, vehicles pollute and emit green house gases, and millions of accidents and thousands of deaths occur every year.
Transit X solves these problems. We will provide on-demand, non-stop, 24/7, resilient, all-weather service that is quiet, attractive, safe, and seamlessly fits within cities and along highways.
Ultra-light podcars quietly glide above traffic under a thin rail. Each podcar carries an individual or up to a family of five. Destinations are entered via smart phone or kiosk, and a podcar is usually waiting at a small platform that is as convenient as a bus stop. Once seated in a podcar, it accelerates to merge onto the highway, traveling non-stop to the destination, with guaranteed arrival times.
Transit X helps make cities both greener and cleaner. Unsightly black asphalt can be supplanted by an elegant ribbon in the air that ties a city together. Transit X can help a city recover its most valuable resource — land. Once again, cities can have a vibrant and active street life.
We offer a turnkey Mobility-as-a-Service to municipalities and campuses without public funding or capital budgets. Transit X is a privately owned and operated mass transit network that scales to service the world’s largest cities.
We build upon the proven safety record of personal rapid transit, and focus on ultra-light, solar-powered vehicles with a high-capacity control system provides something special: Happy mass transit
About Transit X
Transit X is developing a carbon-free, local and regional mass transit system to supplant buses, trains, cars, trucks, and planes. Transit X offers Mobility-as-a-Service to municipalities and organizations with campuses. A test track scale-model will be done in Q1 2016, and a pilot will be deployed in Cambridge, MA in 2018. Transit X is a privately held company founded in 2015 and headquartered in Boston, Mass. For more information, visit, tweet @TransitXCorp or email [email protected]