Details: [email protected] is a portable, versatile soothing mat for baby & is perfect for on-the-go parents!

Tranquilo Mat is a portable, vibrating mat that soothes baby in the crib, stroller, or on the go in a carrier or car seat! The mat helps baby transition from a mother’s womb to the world during the “fourth trimester” after birth. No longer snug inside the womb with its soothing constant motion and sounds, babies miss the strong “whoosh” of mom’s heartbeat and the gentle jostle of every move she makes. The Tranquilo Mat provides the reassurance of the womb by mimicking a mom’s heartbeat and motions through gentle vibrations and soft sounds. The mat is easy to use during naps, bedtime, and mid-day meltdowns, and it is especially good for colicky babies. Existing soothing products such as mechanical swings or vibrating chairs lack portability and versatility. Tranquilo Mat is unlike any other soothing product on the market and was recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.

The Tranquilo Mat is CPSIA safe and has been tested by a third party laboratory in the U.S. The mat is designed to exceed all CPSIA testing and standards. Tranquilo Mat is a National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Winner.

There are two Tranquilo Mat sizes available. The large Tranquilo Mat is best used for bassinets, cribs, pack and plays, activity mats, and play pens. The large mat dimensions are (length) 23 ¼ in X 12 in ¾ in. The small Tranquilo Mat is perfect for baby carriers, strollers, car seats (used over baby after he or she has been properly buckled in), and other smaller portable devices. The small mat dimensions are (length) 11 ¼ in X 9 in ¾ in.