TheO™ is an entirely new ecosystem for mobile games, activities and learning. TheO™ is a uniquely designed foam ball that securely and safely encases an iPhone, iPod Touch or Android smart phone. Players of all ages can have an entertaining movement-based experience with game and learning activity apps.
The smart ball can be safely rolled, tossed and bounced, with the smart device protected safely and securely inside, while players physically interact with each other. Current apps use the unique features of smart devices to bring a new level of play to mobile gaming. The initial apps are fun for the entire family and include a Bowling game where players can play each other in the same room, displayed on the smart phone, or any IP-enabled device, or with friends across the web. Additional custom apps include physically active Hot Potato game and a socially interactive game called Interrogo. A wide variety of custom mobile app games are in development. They all take advantage of the unique features of smart devices such as acceleration sensing, direction and motion sensing, plus sound and Bluetooth capabilities, allowing TheO to link with additional accessories.
Alumni note: TheO originally launched with us in June of 2012 at #MIN39.