Supertitle displays perfectly synced subtitles for movie watchers at home, in nearly any language of their choosing. Supertitle can analyze a movie’s audio from any video source (e.g., Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, DVD, etc.) and then displays high-quality human-translated subtitles for that movie.

Right now in the US, online video services and DVDs often provide subtitles only in English when 20% of Americans speak a foreign language at home. We at AOS can’t get enough of the excitement offered by home movie entertainment and we’d like everyone to have the same experience. This motivated our creation of Supertitle.

We developed the only machine learning algorithm that can automatically “time-adjust” subtitle files, correcting for time delay, frame-rate, and time-gap discrepancies, so that it works perfectly for your movie. This incredible algorithm allows us to build a growing library of 4500+ movies available in ~30+ languages for most movies, with frequent updates for new releases and popular movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Watch our demo video at: