Tweet about this product: @Stratty_X is a beginner-friendly tool that automates your investing strategies based on events like price changes, breaking news, and more.

StrattyX is a beginner-friendly tool that automates your investing strategies based on real-world events in real time. In the 1950s, only 4% of people in the US owned stocks. That number has now grown to 54%, or 175M people. However, these 175M day-to-day investors perform on average 2x worse than the market. Meanwhile, hedge funds and banks have tools to ensure these losses do not happen.

At StrattyX, they found a way to make this historically complex and expensive tool available to any investor for just $0.99. They are not a brokerage but rather a SaaS tool where people create strategies of their own that our software automatically executes on the users’ brokerage of choice. Users create strategies based on price changes, breaking news, social media indicators, and more.

An example strategy is purchasing Boeing stock shares if reliable news headlines mention the words “Boeing” and “plane crash.” In the past, people had to read an update on the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), wait for market lows, then execute a trade. Today, manually doing these steps is not necessary. StrattyX will watch the news and update their portfolio in seconds. Another example is using StrattyX to sell Apple shares if CEO, Tim Cook, tweets the words “Apple” and “profit gains.” StrattyX Strategy possibilities are endless.

The strategy is then tested on historical and real-time data with virtual money. Once a strategy proves successful, it is automated. Users can sell their successful strategies in the StrattyX marketplace where other people will pay to use them. In this way, StrattyX caters to all investors who want different levels of involvement in investing.