Tweet about this product: .@ecoventsystems uses battery operated vents & sensors to achieve temp control in any home w/ central air.

Ecovent uses battery operated motorized vents, along with room sensors and a hub to achieve room-by-room temperature control in any home with central air heating or cooling. Ecovent is fully wireless, can be installed by anyone in minutes, and can safely work with any existing central air HVAC system. It is in the field and has achieved 30-40% energy savings while delivering unprecedented comfort.

Sentinel is Ecovent Systems’ new offering for 2017. It is effectively an MRI for the home that monitors the health and function of your HVAC (and home) and can alert the homeowner (and their contractor if they agree) of potential issues.

Sentinel is in beta and has already saved 7 systems from failure, identified mold and prevented a CO Leak.