Details: The Future of food: Plant a @Seedsheets for your perfect #instagarden & grow your own #organic #food

Our mission is to enable you to Take Control of Your Food. The best way to know your food’s story, to know where it came from, and to trust that is was grown safely and sustainably, is to grow it yourself. We make it easy.

The Seedsheet is a roll-out garden that’s designed with an algorithm, requires no weeding, contains organic nonGMO seeds, and is “planted” in thirty-seconds. It features a weed-blocking fabric embedded with the optimal arrangement of dissolvable pods, each pod containing seeds and soil. Simply unroll the Seedsheet on top of prepared soil, add water, and watch as the pods dissolve, the seeds sprout, and your windowsill, stoop, yard or rooftop turns into your own personal farmers’ market.

Seedsheet has grown from a December ‘14 Kickstarter Campaign into a company with products in 46 Home Depot stores across the country, and other big box stores in the pipeline for ‘17. There are 5 different SKUs in retail locations, and an additional 10 on our website. We are currently developing a customizable platform to provide customers with the option of designing their own Seedsheets using our algorithm which we then manufacture and ship to their door. It’s no longer Meal Delivery, we are pioneering Farm Delivery.