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Reveal will improve safety and deepen insight for medical imaging. Reveal’s platform technology addresses the need for safer MRI contrast agents and forms the cornerstone for precision imaging, the gateway to personalized medicine.

We all know someone who has had a contrast-enhanced MRI. Every one of these people has accumulated the heavy metal gadolinium in their brain and body. The most vulnerable patients include children, people with kidney disease, and people who need repeat MRI scans for screening, surveillance, treatment, or clinical trials. Over 30 million MRI scans each year are impacted by gadolinium retention. Regulators worldwide have restricted and suspended gadolinium-based MRI contrast agents but there are no alternatives.

Reveal’s patented MRI contrast agent is designed as a direct substitute for current contrast agents, producing equivalent images for the same clinical indications using current radiology workflows, without gadolinium. Reveal’s technology has been substantially de-risked, development follows an established regulatory path, and we fit existing reimbursement models. Reveal’s lead agent could replace gadolinium based contrast agents for all current contrast-enhanced MRI applications. Reveal provides a platform for precision imaging of fibrosis, thrombosis, lymph node staging, and more, granting unparalleled insight for targeted therapeutics.