Details: Empower, inspire, and develop high performance teams through RC measurement and optimization with @RCAnalytics

Transform your workforce and work environment with the Relational Coordination (RC) Survey. The RC Survey is a scientifically rigorous, validated diagnostic used to transform working relationships and drive organizational performance. With seven short questions, make visible the invisible by quantifying the quality of communication and relationship ties among employees that need to coordinate in order to get work done. In organizations characterized by high levels of interdependence, time constraints, and uncertainty, RC is a performance differentiator – efficiency and quality are higher and customers and employees report greater levels of satisfaction and engagement.

The RC Survey is powered by a proprietary web-based software platform that measures relational coordination, a mutually reinforcing process of communicating and relating for the purpose of task integration. Proprietary algorithms generate actionable reports that diagnose the strength of ties within and between professional roles – as an index and for each of the seven dimensions. In addition, the flexible, web-based solution provides a streamlined experience for meeting a range of human resource needs by supporting inclusion of customized questions. Results are presented in visually compelling formats that focus attention by highlighting strengths, pinpointing opportunities, and charting a path for process improvement and workforce development.