ProfitBricks is a global cloud computing (IaaS) infrastructure service provider with second generation cloud platform engineered from the ground up to solve many of the problems of 1st generation cloud platforms. ProfitBricks offers the world’s first true virtual data centers from a combination of the best data centers, hardware and networks, enabling flexible user defined instances with live vertical scaling capability, class leading storage allotments, all with simple and transparent minute based billing. Customers can deploy existing and new applications on the ProfitBricks public cloud, or design and build their own private cloud – all without capital or the risk and overhead of traditional colocation and dedicated hosting solutions. ProfitBricks was founded in 2010 and currently has 85 employees. We are headquartered in Cambridge, MA and Berlin, Germany. ProfitBricks was founded by Achim Weiss, who for the last 20 years served as the founder and CTO of several web scale service providers.