Details: Protect your #PICCline with confidence, style, and treatment "on the go." Be PICCed Up! @piccperfect

PICCPerfect is a great-looking, and fully functional PICC line cover that provides secure and sanitary protection and allows for on-the-go treatment. The access hole covers the insertion site of the PICC line while enabling the line to be pulled through so that patients can do treatment on the go and not expose their line, maintaining privacy. The line is pulled through the insertion hole and wrapped around the arm. The first fold covers the site and the second fold covers the line. This provides a seamless cover that is easy to fold down for treatment. PICCPerfect is made in the U.S.A. with moisture wicking and antimicrobial fabric. This helps keep the site dry and sanitary. The product is intended to have two fingers fit easily, as recommended by doctors and PICC line nurses. An elastic band reinforces the cover on the top and the bottom of the cover, keeping it from falling down. This keeps the line from pulling and holds it securely in place. PICC is currently prototyping kid’s sizes and a shower sleeve and will expand to other stylish and functional medical accessories