Details: .@OGAchallenge lets you challenge friends to ANY contest, supporting ANY charity & posts the video on facebook!

OGA lets you challenge your friends to compete in any contest, to support any cause, letting you live and share what you’re passionate about, One Good Act at a time.

Create a video of the contest and instantly share it on Facebook with family & friends.

Challenge your friends to ANY competition to support ANY charity

That’s right, YOU can challenge any of your friends to ANY competition to support ANY Nonprofit, Charity or Cause. Cool, right?
The really cool part? It’s entirely free for you, your friends, Nonprofits, Charities, and Causes across the globe.

Giving Back is as easy as 1-2-3!
1) Choose the competition you want to create
2) Pick a friend to challenge, choose when and where.
3) Record the competition and Instantly share to Facebook!

– You never have to worry your cause not receiving your donation.
– Eliminates the hassle of signing up to volunteer.
– Giving Back has never been this easy, fun or exciting before.
– If there’s a charity you want to donate and it’s not listed, tell us and we’ll let add it. How great is that!?!
– Safe and Secure
– Charities never have to spend money on creating their own app, and we refuse to charge them any processing fees.
– Donate any amount you’d like. Small or large, it’s totally up to you.
– Enables you to live and share what you’re passionate about, One Good Act at a time.
– Ties with Facebook so you can easily access and pick which friends you want to challenge
– Explore and Discover trending OGA Challenges (coming soon).
– Don’t want to share on Facebook? You can also challenge friends using their email.
– Let’s both you and your friends create and share videos for OGA Challenge. Distance will never stop you from having fun with friends again!
– Allows you to share video within your facebook group. Great for Alumni, Co-Workers, or any group you’re a part of.
– Import Video from camera roll too. Save OGA Challenge video and upload them later.
– Post text and comment on video
– Watch OGA Challenges on any smartphone, computer or tablet using Facebook.
– And much, much, more…

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