At Increment, we create toys for all kids, regardless of age or ability. Our first toy is the O-Rings: sensory learning playthings that foster developmental skills. All kids learn through play, absorbing information through their senses. When they climb, build, and just have fun, they are gaining the problem solving skills and interpersonal skills that we adults use in daily life.
Kids lose themselves in imaginative play. When they are exploring new things and the world around them,­ they are learning, but to them it is simply playing.

The O-Rings are four stackable rings of incremental sizes. Each ring is a different texture, color, density, and filling, allowing for engaged sensory play: kids are learning about materials, weights, sounds and colors. O-Rings stimulate almost all the senses: sight, sound, touch,­ although taste is not recommended, they are safe. They are incredibly durable and can withstand just about anything kids throw at them. While adults might ask what you’re supposed to do with them, kids always know exactly how to play with them.

Early on, milestones in childhood development include learning to sit up, crawl, stand, and walk, and the O-Rings provide stability, protection and toys to push, pull, throw, and balance on. The O-Rings then grow with the child and can be used for all types of open ended and creative play, while building spatial awareness and problem solving skills.