netBlazr is creating a new category of broadband service by helping businesses build cooperative networks which provide free and super-low-cost Internet to the co-op members. netBlazr is positioned as a “co-primary” provider or complement to existing monopoly providers (e.g. Verizon & Comcast). This dramatically lowers the bar for adoption and is consistent with disruptive innovation market-entry strategies. Our customers refer to netBlazr as the Skype of broadband.
Members connect to netBlazr by placing 2-3 specialized WiFi radios in their office windows. These radios create short-range, point-to-point connections to other member “nodes” and eventually back to a neighborhood “head-end” where we buy ultra cheap fiber Internet. Node radios transmit at 100 Mbps and deliver a portion of that bandwidth through a mini-router to the office network. Members purchase this node equipment for $299 (our cost) to join the co-op. The cloud-based netBlazr platform manages all member nodes to ensure each user receives their free bandwidth or premium service while passing unassigned bandwidth to other members. This community built network lowers costs while maintaining high reliability and throughput.