Details: Moonwalks of @WITXLR8 is a hardware platform bringing users closer to full immersion in Virtual Reality

“Part of MIN#94’s Student Startup Spotlight WIT’s Accelerate” – Moonwalks is a virtual reality hardware company with the goal of immersion improvement, with the belief that immersion starts with simple user interaction. While virtual reality headsets provide the visual and spacial experience of VR, natural movement is not fully incorporated. Physically walking and moving in Virtual Reality will provide the user with a more meaningful experience.

Currently in the design and prototyping stage and actively seeking funding to pursue development objectives. The product aims to allow virtual reality users to walk freely in a confined space, while compensating for movement. Specifically, the device will keep the user centered within a 4 ft^2 square at all times. Additionally, the device will provide both inertial measurement tracking and pressure distribution data to the virtual environment for analysis, processing, and environment integration.

Moonwalks will be a system that can be attached to the user’s feet and will counteract motion via motors and a pulley system while keeping the user upright. This system aims to be lightweight and low-profile while still packing enough power to compensate user motion at speeds up 4.5 miles per hour. Current design analysis has shown that these metric are achievable for user up to 300 lb while maintaining a unit weight of less than 5 lb per foot. Meeting these specifications will make this device effective and accessible for a large range of consumers.