Details: @miles2share is connecting people to share rides by monetizing shared distance and making ride sharing easy, hassle-free and safe.

miles2share is a ridesharing solution, not a taxi service, will change our way of life by helping us use obligation-free carpooling by monetizing the shared distance and making it easy, safe and hassle-free to share rides with others. Members build a community to share rides, save money, save time, ease traffic congestion and reduce carbon footprint. Driver can save $20 for 30 miles return trip commuting to and back from office.

miles2share is focused on connecting people and building communities to share rides, and with its comprehensive solution, they aim to make ride sharing easy, hassle-free and safe. Here’s how:
a) state-of-the-art algorithm clearly shows overlapping miles and extra drive to pick and drop rider
b) Its ‘meet & confirm’ process gives users complete control on with whom to share rides and takes out the hesitation to share ride with unknown parties
c) dynamic, flexible scheduling with multiple routes- a user can setup multiple routes e.g. going to office, to games or intercity travel
d) offer an easy and complete solution- members can choose to ride or drive or both. Shared distance is being tracked by miles2share, which takes out any cost negotiation. It does not stop a user to continue to drive to make money or ride or swap riding and driving. Driver can save $20 on a 30-mile round trip, which is average distance a commuter may drive into the Boston Metropolitan Area
e) miles are bought and sold as “currency”. members buy or sell miles at the published buying price (proposed: 30 cents / mile) *According to the AAA, the average cost of driving (maintenance, depreciation and gas) is $0.60 per mile