Details: All the good in the world. In the palm of your hand @letsall_dogood

We connect great nonprofits with their best supporters on their smartphones. Our iOS app launches NOV 2015 and Android Q1 2016. Here’s the issue that every nonprofit faces – as supporters move to smartphones, it becomes harder to reach them.
• Every nonprofit lives by communicating with and engaging their supporters and adding new ones.
• But 76% (and growing) of their supporters are living their lives on smartphones.
• That’s an enormous problem – email open- and click-through rates are declining partially because smartphones don’t provide a positive email experience.
• LetsAllDoGood™ connects a nonprofit directly (and instantly!) with their supporters on their smartphones – events, volunteering opportunities, news, beneficial deals with local businesses, and fundraising appeals.
• It’s rich story-telling – using pictures and video – that truly engages.
• Supporters can add events to their calendar and share eveything on their Facebook, Twitter – spreading the word and engaging others in the cause.
• Everything is measured for the nonprofit – how many received it, how many opened it, how many shared it, how many they shared it with.
• It’s amazingly simple – if someone can type, they can use LetsAllDoGood.
• Best of all – it’s free.

LetsAllDoGood isn’t just for 501c3s (big or small), it’s for any and every community group, religious or fraternal organization, booster club, PTO/PTA, anyone who’s getting together to do some good in the world.
LetsAllDoGood – it’s simple, powerful, and free.